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DDA Systems

Precise Fire and Security is your destination for a comprehensive range of top-tier accessibility and safety solutions. Our DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) system is a testament to our unwavering commitment to inclusivity, ensuring equitable access for all, regardless of mobility. Seamlessly connecting patients with caregivers, our nurse call system exemplifies our dedication to healthcare excellence, enabling swift and efficient assistance. Elevate restroom safety with our WC alarms, a reliable guardian that instantly alerts attendants to emergencies. Addressing the needs of the hearing impaired, our Hearing Loop Systems facilitate crystal-clear audio transmission in public spaces, fostering seamless communication and connection.

In emergencies, trust our Disabled Refuge Systems to play a crucial role. Designed to safeguard individuals with reduced mobility, these systems establish designated safe zones, streamlining evacuations and providing essential support , Precise Fire and Security, we're committed to crafting an all-encompassing environment where inclusivity thrives, powered by cutting-edge technology and an acute understanding of accessibility and safety requisites.

"Be Precise with your systems"


"Precise Fire and Security has recently installed a disabled refuge system and WC alarm at our new premises , I can not recommend them enough" 

Soho Loop 

Precise Fire and Security Maintains our Disabled Refuge System the engineers that attend are great and very approachable" 


"Precise Fire and Security maintains multiple site for The UKSI the service help desk is very helpful and understanding "


"Precise Fire and Security recently install multiple WC alarm with repeater main panel at our office 

job well done "

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