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Sateon 2.7 Access Control launched

Release 2.7 of SATEON contains many new features and improvements to the resilience and reliability of the product. The key features of this release are:

  • Reports
  • Database Gateway
  • Otis elevator interface
  • Kone elevator interface
  • Extra fields (searchable)
  • Visitor integration
  • Personnel attributes


A new reporting module has been developed for this release. The reporting is based on the Telerik designer. The reports are presented in three classifications:

System Reports

These are delivered as part of the installation process. There is a comprehensive list of reports in the following categories Area Monitoring, Audit, Devices, Personnel, System Settings, Transactional History and Visitors.

Shared Reports

This is for reports that have been amended and then shared with a user of system user or system group.

My Reports

This is to save changes made to reports and their filters. The My Reports area is only seen by the user who created the report.

Many of the reports contain filters that can be modified to adapt the report to suit the need of the search. Many of the reports have sort options, with the ability to change the sort order if required. As part of the filters are a number of variables designed to make the reports dynamic. The variables include This Week, This Month, This Year, Last Week, Last Month.

The report viewer allows the reports to be viewed online. There is pagination controls to view other pages in the report. For reports that are large there is a snapshot feature that allows a small section of the report to be returned. The report viewer also allows the report to be exported. The export type includes PDF, Word, CSV file types

Dan SykesSateon 2.7 Access Control launched
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