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Best Mates

Precise Fire and Security are proud to announce that Best Mates is our chosen charity

we will be taking in part fund raising event to help and support the charity

Who are Best Mates ?

How did It all begin ?

"The idea for Best Mates came about as a light bulb moment for Jeff Tucker after Carl McCulloch ran across the finish line at the 2022 London Marathon. The group of friends, Carl, Jeff and Ian were united at the end of the race in celebration of a great achievement after a tough year. The idea that best mates had come to together to support and encourage, and put an arm around you when it was needed.

Each of the founders of Best Mates has needed that arm around them, that best mate, at various points over the last few years. Not knowing where to go for support, not knowing who to turn to, and very much in need of a best mate. And so after a few drinks, some long chats, they thought it would be amazing if they could provide that support and help on a much wider scale. And so"

Best Mates – #wegotya was born.

What is the Best Mates Goal ?

"The goal is a very simple one. We want to make a real difference to people’s lives through financial, emotional and physical support. If we can help someone have a more positive outlook on life, or take away some stress and worry, then we have achieved what we set out to do.

We are not counsellors, nor do we offer advice. We are normal people who have gone through periods in our lives so we can relate to you on a very personal level when you talk to us.

We do what a Best Mate would do and listen to you. Never turn our back on you. Give you the shirt off our back. We will tell you that you are being silly if you are being silly. But we WILL point you in the right direction and get you the support you need from the right people.

At some point in our lives, we will have a friend that needs support. It could be financial, medical, debt, employment or something different. With Best Mates, you can reach out to us to directly and we can help you, your friend, or your family"

The Mission

“To be your Best Mate whenever you need one”


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